Thread Safety

This page contains important information about the thread safety of this library.

The httplib2.Http() objects are not thread-safe

The google-api-python-client library is built on top of the httplib2 library, which is not thread-safe. Therefore, if you are running as a multi-threaded application, each thread that you are making requests from must have its own instance of httplib2.Http().

The easiest way to provide threads with their own httplib2.Http() instances is to either override the construction of it within the service object or to pass an instance via the http argument to method calls.

import google.auth
import googleapiclient
import google_auth_httplib2
import httplib2
from googleapiclient import discovery

# Create a new Http() object for every request
def build_request(http, *args, **kwargs):
  new_http = google_auth_httplib2.AuthorizedHttp(credentials, http=httplib2.Http())
  return googleapiclient.http.HttpRequest(new_http, *args, **kwargs)
authorized_http = google_auth_httplib2.AuthorizedHttp(credentials, http=httplib2.Http())
service ='api_name', 'api_version', requestBuilder=build_request, http=authorized_http)

# Pass in a new Http() manually for every request
service ='api_name', 'api_version')
http = google_auth_httplib2.AuthorizedHttp(credentials, http=httplib2.Http())