Google Cloud Client Library for C++ - an idiomatic, intuitive, and natural way for C++ developers to integrate with Google Cloud Platform services, like Cloud Bigtable and Cloud Storage.

What is it?

google-cloud is a client library for accessing Google Cloud Platform services that significantly reduces the boilerplate code you have to write. The library provides high-level API abstractions so they're easier to understand. It embraces idioms of C++, works well with the standard library, and integrates better with your codebase. All this means you spend more time creating code that matters to you.

google-cloud is configured to access Google Cloud Platform services and authorize (OAuth 2.0) automatically on your behalf. Add the google-cloud dependency to your project and get a private key to be up and ready to go. Better yet, if you are running on Compute Engine, the private key is automatically detected.

Example: Retrieve Cloud Bigtable Rows

#include <bigtable/client/table.h>

// Use Application Default Credentials for authentication.
auto client = bigtable::CreateDefaultDataClient(
    "my-project", "my-instance",
bigtable::Table table(client, "my-table");
for (auto& row : table.ReadRows(
        bigtable::Filter::PassAllFilter())) {
    auto count = std::distance(
        row.cells().begin(), row.cells().end());
    std::cout << row.row_key() << " has " << count << " cells\n";


What is the relationship between the google-cloud library and the gcloud command-line tool?

Both the gcloud command-line tool and google-cloud library are a part of the Google Cloud SDK: a collection of tools and libraries that enable you to easily create and manage resources on the Google Cloud Platform. The gcloud command-line tool can be used to manage both your development workflow and your Google Cloud Platform resources while the google-cloud library is the Google Cloud Client Library for C++.

What is the relationship between google-cloud and the Google APIs C++ Client?

The Google APIs C++ Client is a client library for using the broad set of Google APIs. google-cloud is built specifically for the Google Cloud Platform and is the recommended way to integrate Google Cloud APIs into your C++ applications. If your application requires both Google Cloud Platform and other Google APIs, the 2 libraries may be used by your application.