Encapsulates the custom GAPIC header information.
Provides basic array helper methods.
BidiStream is the response object from a gRPC bidirectional streaming API call.
Contains information necessary to manage a network request.
ClientStream is the response object from a gRPC client streaming API call.
The CredentialsWrapper object provides a wrapper around a FetchAuthTokenInterface.
A collection of elements retrieved using one or more API calls. The collection will attempt to retrieve a fixed number of elements, and will make API calls until that fixed number is reached, or there are no more elements to retrieve.
Container class for Protobuf label constants. See FieldDescriptorProto.Label in
Container class for Protobuf type constants. See FieldDescriptorProto.Type in
Common functions used to work with various clients.
Provides helper methods for gRPC support.
Response object from a long running API method.
A Page object wraps an API list method response and provides methods to retrieve additional pages using the page token.
Holds the description information used for page streaming.
Response object for paged results from a list API method
Parser used by {see PathTemplate} to parse path template strings
Represents a path template.
Builds a PSR-7 request from a set of request information.
Encapsulates request params header metadata.
The RetrySettings class is used to configure retrying and timeouts for RPCs.
Collection of methods to help with serialization of protobuf objects
ServerStream is the response object from a gRPC server streaming API call.
Provides helper methods for service address handling.
Provides a light wrapper around often used URI related functions.


Represents an exception thrown during an RPC.
ValidationException represents a local error (i.e. not during an RPC call).